ANOAH - Plant Based



ANOAH Brunch

We dive into a new chapter and offer you a brunch for the first time on Easter.

We start with a package of CHF 49, which includes dishes chefs choice, Zopf and Gipfeli from BakeryBakery. In addition, you can add dishes à la carte.

You can expect a large brunch menu, all Plant based! Various freshly squeezed juices and homemade smoothies!

We are especially proud of our guacao-without toast, an avocado toast without avocado or our vegan egg benedict with sauce vollondaise! There is nothing that does not make the heart of a vegan beat faster. From sweet to salty, from freshly squeezed orange juice to Prosecco à discrétion, everything is there.

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ANOAH Secret Bar

ANOAH SECRET BAR is for all friends of the house as well as their friends.

We specialize in classic cocktails and define ourselves as a speak-easy bar! All cocktail fans should get their money's worth here, as well as wine drinkers and beer lovers.

Admission on Saturdays from 00.00 and only with guest list! Who wants to be on the guest list is best to reserve at!