ANOAH - Plant Based



Vegan fine dining in the heart of Zürich!

ANOAH - 3.0 Open from Wednesday to Saturday and with limited seating of 60 chairs.

We will abduct you from your daily routine and will let you dive into a new world. In a unique atmosphere, we create surroundings for amazing evenings with even unforgettable food.
It is not the dish itself that is most important to us it is the experience for all your senses!

collage of restaurant and vegan food pictures
collage of vegtebale pictures


Changing the world together to a better place!

With local farmers, know-how, and lots of creativity we want to show you how it could also work differently. For our five-course menu, we strictly use seasonal plant based products and if possible from a biological grower. Food is way more than “just food” that's exactly why we want to address all your senses and tastebuds and want to take you with us on a culinary journey through plant based kitchen filled with emotions. Customer service is noted in all caps behind our ears so you are all taken care of during your experience.