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Wieso vegan?

Health Aspect

Dying from a heart attack or from cancer is more likely to be caused by eating lots of meat than eating lots of plants. A balanced plant based diet is healthier because fewer calories are consumed. The possibility of getting diabetes is almost zero, also your cholesterol level and blood pressure are lower.

Ethical Aspect

Why does an animal have to die for a small moment of enjoyment?

There is so many different plant based food that can be enjoyed without one single animal suffering. The needs of animals are only respected as long as the profits are there. A dead chicken for example has more room in the oven than when it was alive. The calves are separated from their mothers after birth so the cow can produce more milk. Male chicks are shredded or gassed right after birth.

Another aspect is world hunger. While cows are eating grass pigs and chickens rely on soy and grain, which the humans could also eat. Around the world, a third of the grain harvest goes into the feeding troughs. And from the soy harvest, it is 85%. This causes the basic food shortage and the rising prices for grain.

Climate change

According to the agricultural department of the UNO, Livestock farming has caused more emissions than global traffic. Meaning all cars, trucks, boats, and planes combined. Also, animals like cows produce methane in their body, which is 23 times more aggressive towards our environment compared to co2. That means it's not just the meat it is also the cheese, the butter, and the yogurt. In Brazil, they chop down enormous areas to grow soybeans. The beans are then all used to feed the animals. For one kilo of beef 15'000 liters of water are used and since we import our feed from the south we contribute to their drinking water shortages.




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